Thank you to those that joined us at the 2022 International Childhood Trauma Conference.

It was an amazing experience that was shared across all that was there. Watch some of the event highlights below.

International Childhood Trauma Conference 2022 highlights

Our Conference Theme

Connection and Healing

Our International Childhood Trauma Conferences are incredible week-long events for professionals who work with people affected by trauma associated with abuse, violence and relational disruption. Attendees come to hear from world experts on neuroscience, trauma, attachment and therapeutic intervention. They are also an important opportunity for local practitioners, researchers and policy makers to share and learn from each other. More than 10,000 attendees have participated over the past three conferences.

Four Ways
to Learn and Participate

2018 Conference Testimonials

The 2018 Conference featured 18 international speakers, more than 250 papers presented, and over 295 hours of programmed content.


Our Attendees Feedback

“Whether you’re a clinician, whether you’re a case manager, whether you’re a foster carer, there are takeaway key messages from each and every session. It’s been really fantastic so far and I’m grateful to be here.”

“I know a lot of the stuff, but it’s just reinforced it again and again and again and I will change my practice because of what I’ve been learning.”

“I have a client coming up that is going to be very challenging and the material that has been used is very resonant with that particular case.”