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CEO of the Australian Childhood Foundation, Dr. Joe Tucci, gives an update on our International Childhood Trauma Conference and talks about the many great options delegates have to begin the Conference experience now!

What will happen now?

Dear colleagues,

After careful consideration and in response to the continuing developments surrounding COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Fourth International Childhood Trauma Conference. As you know, the original dates for the conference were August 2 – 7, 2020. It will now be held between Sunday 30 May – Friday 4 June 2021.

But, despite the delay in us being able to meet face to face, the conference experience starts now!

We are organising a range of ways for you to engage with the speakers and have access to other learning immediately and all the way through to when the actual conference starts in 2021.

If you maintain your registration with us, you will be able to access these additional conference opportunities at no additional cost to you:

1.  Monthly live webinars


We will send you the details to register for these webinars shortly. 

2.  Anytime access to the recordings of many keynote, plenary and panel discussions from the 2018 International Childhood Trauma Conference, including speakers such as Bessel van der Kolk, Gabor Mate, Allan Schore, Sue Carter, Peter Fonagy, Marilyn Davillier, Judy Atkinson, Cathy Malchiodi, Jennifer Freyd.

3.  Anytime access to the full day recorded 2018 International Speaker workshops with Lou Cozolino, Lisa Dion, Bonnie Badenoch, and Martin Teicher.

For those registered, you will receive access codes for all of these additional opportunities automatically. This is more than $500 in extra value for no more cost!

As you can imagine, the International Childhood Trauma Conference is a huge financial undertaking for the Foundation. We are a not-for-profit organisation that relies on community support to enable us to provide therapeutic services to traumatised children and young people. Our education programs and conferences are vital to resource our work with children and families.

We understand that many people will not be in a position to register now because of the current climates. But if you register at any time from now, you will have access to the webinars and other valuable resources at no extra cost.

You can find further information about the Conference changes below, or alternatively, contact our Conference team at childtrauma@icms.com.au.

On behalf of all of us at the Australian Childhood Foundation, I really want to thank you for your support and hope that you will be able to join us in 2021. I am sure it will be a great event again.

We have recently published some wonderful resources for parents/carers to use with children to help them explore the impact of COVID-19 on their worlds. They are available for free by clicking here.

Stay healthy and well.

Dr. Joe Tucci
Australian Childhood Foundation

The revised Registration Fee milestones dates will now be as follows:


Fees are in Australian Dollars and inclusive of GST. Fees cover all meals and refreshments available throughout the conference.


When we finally come together at the end of May 2021 we will again meet at the Melbourne Convention Centre. The format for the conference will remain unchanged. We thank the team at the Convention Centre for their support with assisting us to move a conference of this size and complexity.

Together with our Conference team ICMS, we are currently working with our invited speakers and stakeholders to reschedule commitments. I would like to thank you in advance for your patience as we work through the various changes due to the change of date. We will be updating the website with the program format over the coming weeks and we will, of course, keep you up to date by email if you are registered.

If you have already registered to attend, your registration will be transferred over to the new dates and confirmation will be sent to you directly.

The biggest way to support us to continue to run these sorts of events is to maintain your registration. We hope that you will enjoy the opportunities to hear from our speakers, past and future, whilst you wait. You will receive access codes for all of the additional opportunities above automatically. This is more than $500 in extra value for no more cost!

We understand if you need to cancel your registration.  All you need to do is advise us by email to childtrauma@icms.com.au. Any cancellation requests received before 31 October 2020 will receive a full refund of registration fees.  Cancellations received on or after 1 November 2020 will receive a refund of registration fees less an administration charge of $350.00. Cancellations on or after 1 May 2021 will not be refunded. Please note that should you wish to re-register for the conference at a later date, you will need to complete the registration and pay the appropriate fee at the time. The updated fee schedule can be found above.

If you have booked accommodation through the registration portal, ICMS will be in contact with you directly to make the changes you need. If you need to contact them phone 1300 792 466 or email childtrauma@icms.com.au.

If your abstract was accepted for presentation at the Conference, these will be carried over to the new dates, for presentation on Wednesday 2 June, 2021. Further scheduling information will be sent over the coming months. Presenters are required to register for the Conference by 18 December 2020.

We have recently published some wonderful resources for parents/carers to use with children to help them explore the impact of COVID-19 on their worlds. They are available for free by clicking here. We hope you find them useful!

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